How to Make Flowers in Sugar and Cold Porcelain

Sugar and Cold Porcelain Flower Lessons: How to make botanically correct, life-like flowers for cake decorating and home decor. London and Surrey

How to make life-like flowers out of Sugar and Cold Porcelain: Classes and Tutorials. Celebration cakes to order, but NO children's party cakes, novelty cakes or CUPCAKES due to limited scope.

Hello. My name is Christina Wallis and I'm really chuffed that you decided to stop by.

Here, you will find online tutorials and CLASSES on HOW TO MAKE FLOWERS. Those of you who met me via my YOUTUBE Channel, INSTAGRAM, or via FACEBOOK, already know that much, of course.

I run weekly flower tutorials on Youtube and offer flower classes. The flowers which I teach include different Rose varieties, not without the very popular David Austin Rose, different species of Dahlia incl. Pom Pom Dahlia, Peony Flower, the 'on trend' Ranunculus and many many more.

I teach how to make Flowers in two mediums: Gumpaste and in Cold Porcelain. GUMPASTE flowers are edible (even if not frequetnly actually eaten) and are traditionally used in Cake Decorating. COLD PORCELAIN flowers are made out of non-edible but NON-TOXIC air dry CLAY. When crafted out of good quality COLD PORCELAIN e.g. Modena, Cold Porcelain Flowers are flexibe and can last a life-time with good common sense care. The flowers made out of Cold Porcelain can be used CAKE DECORATION or HOME DECOR. In cake decoration they would be treated a 'non-edible' decorative piece, in the way plastic decoration would be. Petals or leaves made out of this clay bend, but don't break when fully dry, which makes Cold Porcealin an incredibly useful material for making flowers to decorate Faux Cakes for wedding shows: You can re-assemble the flowers into the different combinations and transport them without risking breakage.

Although flower inquiries take priority over cake inquiries and bookings, I do take some cake orders and ejoy technical and visual challenge that beautiful celebration cakes hold for me. If you like my style of cake design, I will be very excited to discuss design ideas and flavours with you and give you more information. My cake prices vary depending on the complexity of the design, level of customisation and creative input. I only offer high quality cakes without compromising on indgredients, and charge professional fees for a professional service.

Thank you for taking the time to read. All enquiries can be made by phone or E-MAIL

For CORPORATE and other cupcakes please go to LUC & LUCY'S CUPCAKES.


Gluten, wheat, milk, butter & eggs.

Trace of nuts possible.

Further information is available on request.